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Elevate Eldercare

Mar 2, 2022

The solutions to the workforce crisis in long-term care are complex and systemic, from better wages to battling deep-seated biases to inspiring young people to see caregiving as a career.

But what about the immediate challenges facing the current cohort of caregivers – the people who, often at the expense of their own physical and mental health, keep working to keep elders and others safe and comfortable?

Alexis McKenzie, a longtime eldercare leader and current consultant to nursing homes and assisted living communities, joins “Elevate Eldercare” to discuss strategies for easing caregiver stress – primarily by encouraging them to set aside time to direct that caregiving instinct inward.

Drawing on her professional experiences working with elders living with Alzheimer’s, as well as her personal story of recovery from a stroke, McKenzie challenges us all to embrace each day with gratitude, while also giving ourselves the grace to recharge.

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