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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 27, 2020

In this recap, Marla and Mary discuss the 35th episode of Elevate Eldercare where Susan Ryan sits down with her good friend and colleague, Mike Belleville. After a career in telecommunications and as a member of the Rhode Island National Guard for over a decade, Mike was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

While devastating, Mike has not let the diagnosis define him. He currently serves on the board of directors for Dementia Action Alliance and the Council on Aging. 

Mike is adamant about using his voice to encourage and advocate for others and challenge beliefs and stigmas about people living with dementia.

Marla and Mary take a deeper dive into Mike’s “Four Myths of Dementia.” He initially delivered that message at a Green House Annual Meeting in 2018 and recently updated it for a special presentation to Green House partners. Find out why a line from one of Mike’s favorite movies is his motto these days. And Mary talks about why a driving simulator created such a memorial moment for Mike and why you should never assume you know what might be meaningful to someone.


Mike’s “Four Myths of Dementia” presentation: