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Elevate Eldercare

Oct 16, 2020

“Technology empowers, technology engages, and it is an enabler”, says Sheri Rose, the CEO and executive director of the Thrive Center, a non-profit innovation center focused on wellness and aging located in Louisville, Ky.

What do think about virtual reality for pain? What about an app for your phone for hearing loss? These are just a couple of the innovations you learn about at the Thrive Center.

In this recap of episode 23, Marla and Mary discuss the impact of Sheri taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s and how that influenced her decision for this “second career.” Have you ever wondered about the impact of personal experience in your life? You might be surprised. Marla shares an interesting article that includes late fees for video rentals and the innovation that was created from that situation—the outcome will surprise you!

Find out why Sheri believes that technology needs to not only identify when an elder has a gait and balance issue, but also what role tech can play in helping that person build up their core body strength to improve heir balance and mobility issue.

It is all about technology that is designed to have an elder live their best life possible.

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