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Elevate Eldercare

Sep 16, 2020

Susan Ryan sits down with Jill Wilson and John Ponthie,
two senior living providers that operate more small
house/Green House homes under their organizational
umbrellas than anyone anywhere.

Jill Wilson is president and CEO of Otterbein Senior Life, a
faith-based not-for-profit ministry based in Lebanon, Ohio,
and John Ponthie is co-owner of Southeran Administrative
Services, a Sherwood, Ark.-based company that provides
administrative support services for 36 nursing homes,
including four campuses that encompass 33 Green House

This compelling conversation takes a look at what drives
these two innovators to do what they do and why they love
the Green House model.

They each make the business case for the Green
House/small-house model, as well as describe the
experiences of the homes amid the pandemic.

Check out this in-depth interview with John Ponthie here about the

Green House homes he operates:

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