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Elevate Eldercare

Dec 23, 2020

Susan Ryan sits down with Daniella Greenwood, an international speaker, consultant, and author specializing in human rights policy and practices within aged care. Daniella, who is based in Victoria, Australia, is a staunch advocate for relational and social approaches that maximize freedom, self-determination, and choice for elders.

Daniella shares incredibly provocative insights that should give us reason to embrace our shared humanity and the opportunities that await us. She has developed relationship-focused approaches to providing care and support, including a dedicated staffing model that enables staff to work with the same small group of residents every time they come to work.

In addition, Daniella explains why she believes the eldercare “culture change” movement hasn’t gone far enough, in addition to describing the system failures that often produce meaningless care plans that few read.


Watch Daniella’s recent webinar with Dementia Alliance International titled Human Rights as a Practice Model in Residential Aged Care”: