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Elevate Eldercare

Aug 4, 2021

With the delta variant surging among the unvaccinated and the looming specter of increased restrictions even for those who’ve gotten their jabs, the cycles of uncertainty that defined most of 2020 are currently making an unwelcome comeback.

But for people who live and work in communal settings for elders, the stakes are much higher than the return of mandatory masking in indoor public spaces: How can caregivers, residents, and their families maintain the connections that were so often broken last year, while also not succumbing to ongoing pandemic burnout?

Susan Ryan welcomes Tammy Marshall and Alex Spanko back on the podcast to talk about strategies for pandemic resiliency – using the lessons learned during 2020, as well as perspectives from past podcast guests – as we barrel toward a potentially challenging fall and winter. They discuss simple, practical ways to stay connected to nature and each other, while avoiding the impulse to sacrifice elders’ autonomy and wellbeing in the name of COVID safety.


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