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Elevate Eldercare

Apr 23, 2021

In this recap of episode 77, Susan Ryan sat down with Larry Minnix, a consultant and author, and perhaps most known for his previous role as CEO of LeadingAge, a national association of nonprofit long-term and post-acute care providers. When he retired in 2015, LeadingAge named its Leadership Academy after him.

In this episode of “Let Me Say This About That,” Marla and Mary take a closer look at succession planning—a topic Minnix said kept CEOs up at night. They explore the importance of a succession plan and the steps needed to create one.

Mary takes a closer look at the book Minnix wrote and what he says are the secrets to successful aging. Both Mary and Marla discuss how five women from his church had such an impact on his career.

In response to Minnix’s suggested that society needs to “unfreeze” the way people are thinking about nursing home care, Marla reflects on how this term is connected to a theory of change.


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