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Elevate Eldercare

Dec 28, 2022

It’s been a momentous year for The Green House Project and Pioneer Network, as the two organizations formally united under the new Center for Innovation banner.

Three CFI leaders – CEO Susan Ryan, chief culture officer Penny Cook, and chief learning officer Marla DeVries – look back on a year that saw the culture change movement gain even more power and influence among operators and policymakers.

The executive team also dives into a 2023 that’s shaping up to be the most impactful yet for the Green House and Pioneer missions, from the 20th anniversary of the first Green House homes to the first CFI conference in Pittsburgh to a new e-learning platform set to debut early next year.

The entire CFI team wishes you a warm, happy, and healthy holiday season, with special greetings to the caregivers who continue to work around the clock, no matter the date, to support elders and people with disabilities.

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