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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 25, 2023

Every Green House community is different, from the people who call it home to the surrounding neighborhood and landscape.

At Londonderry Village in Palmyra, Pa., outside of Hershey, the Green House homes come with the wafting smell of chocolate, an intergenerational play park, and people-powered vehicles known as trishaws.

We sit down with Londonderry Village president Jeff Shireman to discuss how he transformed his vision for Green House homes in the fields of Palmyra into a decades-strong reality – including a fiscally responsible board that won’t allow anyone to move out for financial reasons, and dedicated caregivers empowered to make elders feel truly at home however possible, whether it’s kibbitzing over tea, ordering in takeout on birthdays, or taking a trishaw ride through the snow.

Explore Londonderry Village’s intergenerational play park:

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