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Elevate Eldercare

Mar 31, 2021

In today’s episode, the last of March 2021, a month designated as Women’s History Month, Susan Ryan and her fellow podcasters from “Let Me Say This About That,” Mary Hopfner-Thomas and Marla DeVries, sit down to reflect upon the incredible women leaders that have been guests on Elevate Eldercare. Since we launched last July,19 women have been interviewed for this podcast.

A year into the pandemic, this episode takes a look back at these courageous women who stepped up and took action, allowing their passion and quest for social justice to mobilize solutions and teams amid undoubtedly the most horrific experience in our history.

Their stories are unique, yet eerily similar in that each voice became a guiding and stabilizing force that provided solid leadership within their sphere of influence during profound uncertainty and fear.

Today Susan, Mary, and Marla tap into the collective wisdom gained from Elevate Eldercare’s female guests and offer their thoughts and impressionable moments from each interview that inspired them and their work.


In recognition of Women’s History Month, here is a Washington Post collection of stories of women who have faced challenges and triumphed throughout the past year: