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Elevate Eldercare

Dec 16, 2020

In this episode, Susan Ryan sits down with her good friend and fellow nurse, Anne Ellett, a certified nurse practitioner and founder of Memory Care Support, a company that provides private consultation to individual families seeking the best in care for their loved ones living with dementia.

Prior to founding Memory Care Support, Anne held the position of senior vice president of health services for Silverado Senior Living for more than ten years. It was in this role that Susan met Anne and readily resonated with her philosophy for supporting people living with dementia (PLWD) and her quest for normalcy and dignity, which led to Anne’s development of a memory care approach for The Green House Project. Known as Best Life, the approach has now been integrated into the fabric of Green House education to equip care teams with everything necessary to engender quality of life experiences for people living with dementia.

Anne and Susan discuss the significant role of advocacy in challenging stigmas and stereotypes that prevail and devalue older adults, especially those living with dementia. She talks about the need to confront and shift beliefs and perspectives in order to fully see and understand PLWD and deliver individualized approaches that integrate and engage the person with real life.


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