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Elevate Eldercare

May 10, 2023

Eldercare – and U.S. health care writ large – too often is a cold, impersonal experience for the people both giving and receiving care, as ever-increasing demands for efficiency and profit turn an intimate experience into boxes to check and line items on balance sheets.

Dr. Stephen Trzeciak, chief of medicine at Cooper University Health Care and co-author of the book “Compassionomics,” seeks to change that with a simple yet bold assertion: Compassion for others in health care isn’t just good for people’s emotional wellbeing, but also their physical health and the operational strength of providers.

Dr. Trzeciak joins “Elevate Eldercare” ahead of his keynote speaking slot at the first annual Center for Innovation conference, coming to Pittsburgh July 23-26. In conversation with Susan Ryan, he gives an overview of his philosophy and challenges listeners to embrace compassion as the centerpiece of their eldercare practice.

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