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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 4, 2023

Dr. Michael Wasserman’s unique combination of professional experience makes him one of the most incisive voices in the long-term care reform space: As both a trained geriatrician and the former leader of California’s largest nursing home chain, Wasserman can speak to both the medical and financial problems baked into the eldercare system.

He joins Penny Cook to share his vision for a person-centered care revolution in geriatrics, passionately arguing that a one-size-fits-all approach to health care – and particularly eldercare – has done more harm than good. As Wasserman puts it, if you’ve seen one 90-year-old woman, you’ve seen one 90-year-old woman; each elder has their own set of health challenges, goals, and support systems, and geriatricians must understand each person before they can provide truly high-quality care.

Read the American Geriatrics Society’s definition of person-centered care:

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