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Elevate Eldercare

Oct 19, 2022

Persistent staffing issues in long-term care don’t have a single solution. In fact, leadership expert and educator Christopher Ridenhour argues that creating a stable, resilient, and satisfied workforce requires the intersection of multiple goals – from diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to employee recognition to fostering a culture of true respect and appreciation.

In conversation with Penny Cook, Ridenhour argues persuasively for a truly comprehensive workforce development strategy that goes beyond in-services and one-off programs. To confront shortages, organizations must address the void at the center of workplaces, both in LTC and elsewhere – the feeling that individuals’ work is undervalued, underappreciated, and poorly understood by leadership.

DEI programs, workforce supports, and other HR strategies don’t exist in a vacuum. They all contribute to building a culture that retains and develops talent, and Ridenhour challenges individuals and organizations to take a more holistic approach to the “workforce crisis.”

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