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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 20, 2020

Marla and Mary recap this week’s episode where Susan Ryan sat down with two architects from Perkins Eastman (PE), David Hoglund and Martin Siefering. David is a principal and executive director of PE, providing leadership for the firm’s global senior living practice. Martin, also a principal and co-leader of PE’s senior living practice, joined the firm in 1990, and leads many of the firm’s most challenging and complex senior living projects.

Marla and Mary discuss how these two architects first got interested in designing for the senior community. Anyone remember Lawrence Welk? Find out why his name came up!

Both architects have a fierce determination to build homes that serve elders and staff members yet foster social connections and deep relationships.

Marla takes a look at why bringing in ideas from analogous fields turns out to be a potential source of radical innovation – and both David and Martin are forward thinking leaders. 

Both architects have built Green House homes and Mary takes you on a short history of what types of GH homes have been developed over the years and why that innovation needed to happen.

Find out more about collaborating with different fields here: 

Find out more about the design of GH homes: