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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 13, 2020

Robert Kramer, president & founder of Nexus Insights, is the focus of this recap with Mary and Marla.  He spoke with Susan Ryan about something he knows very well: the seniors housing industry. Kramer, who founded the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) and now serves as its strategic advisor, has lots to say about the pandemic’s impact on the industry as well as the opportunities it presents.

Marla takes a deeper dive into the Jobs to be Done theory that Kramer mentioned. Find out what a milkshake has to do with it! Mary takes a closer look at why he thinks we need an engagement or contributor model of long-term care and how future congregate settings should look and feel more like your college days! 

Mary and Marla also discuss his thoughts on design for the future of long-term care and how recent research on leadership and COVID-19 result in some interesting insights.   

Find out more about Jobs to Be Done here: 

Article with Dr. Jacquelyn Kung and Robert Kramer: