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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 15, 2021

In this recap episode, Marla and Mary discuss the insights offered by Susan Ryan’s conversation with Scott Townsley, a senior living professional with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Scott has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country as they have grappled with how to successfully navigate and drive change. He serves as a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s Erickson School of Aging Studies, where he teaches strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

In this recap, we discuss Scott’s comment about the “spit shine of status quo,” why long-term care needs a new mindset, and why we need to look at the world the way horses do! Marla also discusses confirmation bias, and asks whether you will be someone who disrupts or is disrupted? She explores a book by Josh Linkner entitled, “The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation”.


Find out more about the book by Josh Linkner here: