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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 26, 2022

It’s a new year and we’ve got a new format for “Let Me Say This About That” – instead of highlighting just one Elevate Eldercare podcast, we will discuss all of the podcasts released in the month.

In January four podcasts were released:
-COVID 2022: Hope and Reality with Dr. William Haseltine 
(Episode 130)
-Building a True Eldercare System with Rep. Jan Schakowsky
(Episode 131)
- “Be Kind and Be Useful”: Finding Common Ground in Eldercare Reform  
(Episode 132)
-Overcoming Inertia in Eldercare Reform
(Episode 133)

This week on “Let Me Say This About That”, we highlight the key concepts and explore the overarching themes between all of the podcasts.  We discuss collaboration, leading from where you are and why each of our voices can make a difference!


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