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Elevate Eldercare

May 19, 2021

Susan Ryan sits down with her good friend, Joel Anderson, president & CEO of LifeStar Living, a senior living development services, management, and advisory company located in Sarasota, Fla. Anderson has spent his 26-year executive career in directing both non-profit and for-profit senior living organizations. 

In this episode, he discusses the backstory to starting his new venture, LifeStar Living, in partnership with David Faulk, renowned sports agent for NBA all-star Michael Jordan, and how the philosophy and driving force of the organization is big on quality and impact. Anderson provides a snapshot of the organization’s priorities, scope of services, and its geographical reach and future opportunities.

He believes in the power of relationships in connecting purpose to mission and building a brand that takes on an archaic model and delivers compelling senior living services that attract and retain a robust workforce.

Don’t miss the end of the conversation to hear Anderson’s vision and call to action to become part of changing the negative narrative about nursing homes and bring real transformation.

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