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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 20, 2021

Susan Ryan sits down with Deke Cateau, CEO of A.G. Rhodes, a non-profit long-term care organization with three communities in Georgia. Deke discusses the challenges of the COVID crisis, the personal grief he has experienced as his community endured the pandemic, and the resolve of leadership to curtail the spread of the infection.

Deke shares why he believes truth and transparency in communication are key to gaining public trust, and how that strategy played out during the crisis.

Deke, a native of Trinidad, calls himself a double minority, and he offers unique perspectives on what he describes as a “double pandemic” – the COVID crisis and racism.

Finally, he envisions a better future and issues a call to action to a wide stakeholder group that addresses our biggest challenges and systemic flaws.


Find out more about A.G. Rhodes here: