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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 22, 2023

Each Thanksgiving, “Elevate Eldercare” centers gratitude by handing the mic over to the people who make Green House homes such great places to live. This year, we’re headed out west to Wyoming to meet three team members from Green House Living for Sheridan: licensed practical nurse Kiara Charlson, HR manager and education coordinator Jon Lanning, and Shahbaz Necia Reynolds.

Through their stories, you’ll learn why caregiving isn’t “unskilled labor” or an entry-level job – it’s a dynamic, rewarding, and noble career path that attracts the best people our communities have to offer. As lawmakers, providers, and advocates continue to debate the best ways to strengthen the caregiving workforce amid an historic shortage, we sincerely hope that everyone takes the time to listen to the voices of people like Kiara, Jon, and Necia.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Center for Innovation!

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