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Elevate Eldercare

Aug 21, 2020

In this recap, Marla and Mary examine three components of the episode: the origin story of the Green House model, where The Green House Project is now, and what the future of eldercare might look like.

From the first home built by Steve McAlilly’s organization, Methodist Senior Services, in 2003, to today, Marla and Mary take a long view of discuss several the power of community and its relationship to the Green House core values.

Takeaways: the pandemic’s ability to align the stars for the Green House model to shine as an example of a nursing home that mitigates COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Reignite spirit of innovation. Do we want to tweak or do we want to transform? What kind of community to be a part and how do we make it happen.

This week’s call to action: watch this short yet compelling video that illustrates the story of Green House and the impact the model has had on the field of nursing home care:

Discover more about The Green House Project at