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Elevate Eldercare

Mar 22, 2023

When Rose Marie Fagan first applied for a job as a nursing home ombudsman, she had no prior experience with long-term care or health care in general – but her status as an outsider almost immediately proved to be a much bigger asset than a liability.

With her fresh eyes, Fagan was able to clearly see the injustices of the era, including physical restraints, unsanitary conditions, and dehumanizing treatment of elders. That perspective inspired her to join in the founding of Pioneer Network in 1997, and while nursing homes have improved since her earliest days in the sector, Fagan continues to fight for the de-institutionalization of eldercare services.

Fagan sits down with Penny Cook – one of the countless people that Fagan has mentored and inspired throughout her career as an eldercare advocate – for a discussion of her career and vision for the future of empowering support for all elders.

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