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Elevate Eldercare

Dec 14, 2022

In Lynne Sewell’s telling, her husband Rick seems almost larger than life, trotting the globe with his family as his job in technology took him from their home in Australia to Europe, Asia, and North America – winning friends and professional admiration at every stop along the way.

But when Rick was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, their lives entered a challenging new phase. Lynne joins “Elevate Eldercare” to share stories from her years as a caregiver and fierce advocate for her husband. 

With both humor and vulnerability, Lynne tracks her winding journey through the care system and offers advice for others in similar situations – ultimately proving that while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia is often frustrating and lonely, there are people around the world with their own universal experiences to share.

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