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Elevate Eldercare

Mar 9, 2022

Jane Rohde’s career in senior living architecture and design is based on a simple but often overlooked truth: What’s good for elders is also what’s good for everyone.

Our needs don’t change as we age, and Rohde joins “Elevate Eldercare” to challenge our idea of what senior living can and should look like – particularly, the notion that real answers to challenges in eldercare can be found by focusing on the living part of senior living.

As the founder of senior living design firm JSR Associates and Live Together – a non-profit focused on developing intergenerational communities that benefit both elders and young people classified as at risk – Rohde is a firm believer in the idea that environment, care, and quality of life are all connected. Listen in for some bold ideas that redefine the bedrock principles of senior living!


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