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Elevate Eldercare

Feb 9, 2022

Dr. Ornit Chiba-Falek’s work as an Alzheimer’s researcher sounds almost like science fiction – but it’s real. At the Duke University School of Medicine, Chiba-Falek and her colleagues are probing the ways that science can essentially turn off the specific DNA sequences that can lead to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The science is still in its early stages, but Chiba-Falek is optimistic that her work will eventually lead to new targeted therapies for people living with dementia. There may never be a silver bullet cure for every person, but by learning more about the different ways our DNA affects our risk, Chiba-Falek and her team are laying the groundwork for the next generation of treatments.

Chiba-Falek joins “Elevate Eldercare,” along with former Green House Project intern and current Duke student Meghna Datta, to discuss her work and the present state of Alzheimer’s treatment, including the controversial new drug aducanumab.


Learn about Chiba-Falek’s work at Duke:

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