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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 15, 2023

Stacey Bergmann joined the Center for Innovation this month as the new director of network and community relations – tasked with serving as the main liaison between the national organization and our local-level Green House Project and Pioneer Network partners – and today she joins the podcast to discuss her career, passions, and vision for the future of eldercare.

Bergmann, an advanced practice certified therapeutic recreation specialist and dementia care consultant, has spent more than 20 years working to improve the lives of elders, most recently serving as the president of VOICE PA – a non-profit seeking to infuse person-directed care practices into eldercare services across the state of Pennsylvania.

For Bergmann, the strength of an organization like CFI is the opportunity for cross-pollination, the sharing of best practices and new ideas among eldercare changemakers across the country. Tune in to learn more about how she plans to keep the information flowing in the service of permanently changing eldercare for the better.

Learn more about VOICE PA:

Register for a December 7 webinar that will explore how a small Medicaid rate boost can spur development of person-centered alternatives to traditional nursing homes: