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Elevate Eldercare

Jan 5, 2022

To kick off yet another uncertain year, “Elevate Eldercare” welcomes back Dr. William Haseltine for a dose of both hard reality and hope for managing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first part of the interview, conducted in late October, Dr. Haseltine – a renowned expert on virology and infectious disease – accurately predicted the ongoing risk that new variants will present to health care providers and officials around the globe. With a mixture of warning and optimism, Dr. Haseltine clearly broke down the strategies that will and will not work to contain this virus, along with the silver linings that can continue to sustain us through another uncertain winter: new antiviral treatments, workable blueprints for change, and the world-changing technological breakthroughs that will provide relief during COVID and future health crises.

In the second part, recorded in mid-December, Dr. Haseltine offers specific commentary and guidance around the omicron variant, which emerged in the relatively short window of time between interviews. As he did in October, Dr. Haseltine cautions individuals and leaders alike that vaccines alone cannot stop this pandemic – and that we all must continue to serve as our collective brothers’ keepers to prevent more illness and death.

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