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Elevate Eldercare

Jul 21, 2021

Stephen Gordon has dedicated his career to improving eldercare services and supports, and during his time as a geriatrician and educator, he observed a trend among his fellow travelers: People tend to fall in love with a specific reform idea or organization, and then have trouble seeing the potential for connections and overlap with other novel models.

As the CEO of Edenbridge Health, Gordon hopes to build on the firsthand successes he saw working for a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organization in Boston, taking the best parts of PACE and finding creative ways to tailor the model to local markets and individual elders’ needs.

Gordon talks with Susan Ryan about his vision for truly all-encompassing eldercare programs – with a particular focus on realizing that no one model will fit every elder’s needs at any given time – as well as the importance of seeking out mentors who are unafraid to critique and challenge your ideas in the service of creating true change.


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