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Elevate Eldercare

Jun 28, 2023

Long-term care is notorious for lagging behind other parts of the health care continuum – including hospitals and doctors’ offices – in the adoption of technology. As co-chairs of a Moving Forward Coalition subcommittee on health information technology, Gregory Alexander and Terrence O’Malley are working to change that. 

Alexander, the Helen Young alumni professor at Columbia University, and O’Malley – a retired geriatrician and corresponding faculty at Harvard Medical School – joined the podcast to discuss their vision for an LTC landscape where technology actually improves the lives of residents and caregivers. 

Listen as they go beyond the popular vision of age technology, like wearables and virtual reality field trips, to a world in which tech supports both better health outcomes and individual elder autonomy.

Register for the CFI conference, bringing together the Green House and Pioneer Network communities in Pittsburgh July 23-26 – including a special session featuring early age-tech startups:

Learn more about the Moving Forward Committee and its various subcommittees, including Alexander and O’Malley’s Committee 7: