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Elevate Eldercare

Jun 14, 2023

In his years marketing major brands like Gillette, Pepsi, and Dannon, Jeff Weiss never encountered any push to pitch products to consumers over the age of 55. Then, once he turned 55 himself, he realized that he didn’t feel like a different person just because he crossed an age milestone – he was still himself, with all the same evolving sets of desires, goals, and needs as people younger than 55.

At Age of Majority, the marketing and research firm where he serves as CEO, Weiss seeks to break down the stereotypes that people – and, by extension, companies – hold about older people. Through regular surveys of “active agers” over 55, Weiss reveals that much of what younger people assume about their elders is wrong. 

Tune into this week’s episode to hear Weiss debunk some preconceived notions about older consumers, and learn how data can help organizations create products and services that real people of all ages actually want to use.

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