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Elevate Eldercare

Nov 10, 2021

As leaders from across the long-term care continuum continue to search for solutions to the worsening workforce shortage, Robert Espinoza has a simple piece of advice: Learn more about caregivers’ challenges, and solve them to help them stay in the sector.

As the vice president of policy at the eldercare workforce advocacy and research group PHI, Espinoza has a front-row seat to the litany of issues that push caregivers out of the long-term care sector or prevent them from entering in the first place: low wages, meager benefits, sexist and racist attitudes that devalue caregiving as a profession, a lack of supervision and support, and more.

Espinoza joins Susan Ryan to talk not only about the problems but the solutions – all of which start by listening to workers and trying to meet their needs so that they can continue to meet the growing need for direct care.

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