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Elevate Eldercare

Feb 1, 2023

The new year year kicked off with another report analyzing the failures of the nursing home system during COVID-19, this time from the HHS Office of the Inspector General. But while understanding the mistakes of the past is important, the time for retrospective reports has long since passed – and policymakers have the tools to effect real change today.

Join CFI communications director Alex Spanko and health care policy expert Anne Montgomery for a conversational look at a variety of evidence-based solutions to the problems that plague eldercare in America, from HUD lending changes to a federally authorized person-centered care pilot program.

If you’ve ever felt anger or frustration at the way nursing homes are run or overseen, tune in for fuel for your next conversations with lawmakers, policymakers, provider peers, and other changemakers!

Read the OIG report:

Read CFI’s response to the OIG report: