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Elevate Eldercare

May 28, 2021

Today we explore Serenbe, located in the hill country of South Fulton County, Georgia. It has been called a wellness sanctuary, an environmental prototype, an agrihood, even a utopia. 

In Episode 87, Susan Ryan talked with Steve Nygren, founder, and CEO of Serenbe, a community created as a model to demonstrate that preserving 70 percent of green space interlaced with agriculture, housing, and retail is not only economically viable but is the future of community wellbeing. 

In this recap, Marla highlights the many aspects of Serenbe, including the origin of the name. Mary explores the Biophilic Institute at the community and why the non-profit was established eight years ago. Both Mary and Marla share what they call “Steve-isms”—interesting perspectives that Steve has on life. Marla takes a closer look at his thoughts on fear, eldercare, purpose, and vitality.

We have often talked about meaningful life on this podcast and during this episode Marla discusses “Ikigai” and how it connects to the insights Steve shared during the podcast.


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