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Elevate Eldercare

May 21, 2021

Today we explore episode 85, where Susan Ryan sat down with Joel Anderson, president & CEO of LifeStar Living, a senior living development services, management, and advisory company located in Sarasota, Fla. Anderson has spent his 26-year executive career in directing both non-profit and for-profit senior living organizations.

In this recap, Marla and Mary discuss the LifeStar Living organization and take a closer look at what it means to build a new brand. Anderson is trying to move the needle on senior living and build a brand that is different. What does that take and what is important to consumers? 

Marla takes a deeper dive into workforce and what Anderson has to say about leadership and its responsibility. Mary discusses his perspective on COVID-19 and the creative side of what staff members can do when forced to make alternative plans.

Are you ready for a revival? Anderson says there needs to be a revival in the senior living arena. What does a revival mean and how does it relate to the senior living?

Unexpected topics for this episode of “Let Me Say This About That”!

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Read about 7 steps to revival here:

The difference between leaders and managers: