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Elevate Eldercare

Sep 25, 2020

In this recap, Marla and I take a deeper dive into the 17th
episode of Elevate Eldercare with Dr. Jennifer Carson, the
director of the Dementia Engagement, Education and
Research Program at the School of Community Health
Sciences at University of Nevada, Reno, and Dr. Al Power, an
internist, geriatrician, and Schlegel Chair in Aging and
Dementia Innovation at the Schlegel University of Waterloo
Research Institute for Aging in Ontario, Canada.

The conversation was so rich that we did the podcast in two
parts! Find out how Dr. Carson and her colleagues in Nevada
created an incredible response to COVID to support elders in
the state to shelter in place. Learn why Dr. Power called it “a
world leading initiative” and how you can replicate it in your

Learn why COVID gave Dr. Power the time for reflection and a
chance to reinterrogate what he teaches about dementia. Find
out if he believes it can still hold up during a pandemic.

In part two, we take time to discuss their views on the
injustices in long term care and to challenge us to change our
thinking on a number of issues. Marla comments on a topic
raised by Dr. Power about either/or thinking and how it led her
to an article on Both/And Leadership.

Check out 211 Nevada: 

Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network (NV CAN): 

Find out more about Both/And Leadership: