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Elevate Eldercare

Sep 20, 2023

In 2021, Dr. Samir Sinha was given a potentially daunting job: serving as the technical committee chair for a group tasked with establishing new, national long-term care standards in Canada in the wake of COVID-19’s devastation.

Dr. Sinha, an internationally renowned geriatrician who serves as the Director of Geriatrics at Mount Sinai and the University Health Network Hospitals in Toronto, joins the podcast to discuss how he navigated the politics and logistics of reshaping an entire nation’s long-term care standards.

By incorporating as many resident and caregiver voices as possible, and focusing as much on person-directed care practices as infection control and clinical concerns, Dr. Sinha’s team laid the groundwork for real transformation in Canada and abroad – though, as he notes throughout the interview, the work to build a truly empowering care system is far from over.

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