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Elevate Eldercare

Oct 6, 2021

Research gives you a solid foundation on which you can build your ideas and opinions and in this episode of “Let Me Say This About That” we explore the work from two leading researchers in the aging sector.

University of Chicago researcher R. Tamara Konetzka, who was behind some of the earliest research into COVID-19 and nursing homes, which often generated provocative and unexpected results. And Sheryl Zimmerman, a distinguished professor at the University of North Carolina and the director of aging research at the School of Social Work – who has researched the Green House model since its inception.

In this episode, Mary and Marla take a deeper dive into the research conducted by both of these women and discuss the results. Marla also gives us a closer look at the nursing home regulations and those “F-Tags”. Mary gives us insight into the government website designed to help inform members of the public about nursing homes – what it includes and what is missing. And finally, Marla explores social support and resilience – plus a look at why systems are important and what composes the three main system categories. All topics Konetzka and Zimmerman highlighted in their comments concerning research and COVID-19.


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