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Elevate Eldercare

Aug 25, 2021

In this episode of “Let Me Say This About That” Marla and Mary explore the conversation that took place between Susan Ryan and Shawn Bloom, the CEO of the National PACE Association (NPA) in Episode 109 of Elevate Eldercare.

PACE, or the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly is community-based and provides a comprehensive set of services designed to prevent unnecessary admissions to nursing homes – an imperative that only became more urgent during the pandemic.

Marla discusses NPA and how capitated payments are utilized vs. a fee-based system.  She also talks about an article that Shawn authored on PACE that included outcomes over the past year and a look at their future 2.0 plans.  Mary shares Green House 2.0 – Cultural Transformation and the impact it has had on Green House adopters. She also delves into how similar the history of NPA matches the Green House Project’s Peer Network over the years.  Lofty goals were set by GHP and continue to part  of the organization, including a recent re-branding and intention on making sure members “Connect, Engage, Impact” the Green House model moving forward.  

And finally, Marla takes us on a deep look at why some people and organizations are seemingly more creative and innovative than others.   You’ll be surprised by her research, and it may give you pause on how you feel about change, creativity, and innovation!


Fact Sheet on the Nursing Home Accountability and Improvement Act of 2021:

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