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Elevate Eldercare

Jun 8, 2022

Before he was the CEO of Hebrew SeniorLife, Louis Woolf’s career started in consumer research, where he worked with Children’s Television Workshop – the creators of “Sesame Street.”

Those children’s TV visionaries taught him a valuable lesson that he carries with him today: Whether it’s young children, elders, people with disabilities, or other often marginalized groups, we do society a disservice when we assume that certain kinds of people can’t learn, grow, and contribute to the world around them.

Woolf takes that commitment to ongoing growth seriously. Hebrew SeniorLife’s home health and senior living programs challenge elders to set goals and stay active in their communities and passions – a philosophy that allows elders to thrive instead of simply managing their health conditions, with many residents even going in “reverse” from higher-acuity to lower-acuity settings.

Woolf joins “Elevate Eldercare” to discuss his organization’s care strategy, as well as its creative strategy to bring more affordable – and more integrated – independent living options to more elders, regardless of income or health needs.


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