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Elevate Eldercare

Aug 26, 2020

Susan Ryan sits down with Karyne Jones, president and
CEO of the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging
and NCBA Housing Management and Development
Corporation. Together they unpack the many issues
surrounding COVID-19 and the health disparities that exist
among people of color.

You will hear Karyne describe how her organization
supported their communities during the crisis, including the
Coronavirus task force that she helped to establish and the
monthly newsletters that contain practical information and
resources to help mitigate the spread of the infection.

Susan and Karyne talk about implicit bias, the devastating
impact of social isolation, our shared humanity, and need
for connection. This conversation is particularly insightful
and timely given recent events, protests, and data
demonstrating the disproportionate number of COVID
cases among minority populations.

Find out more about National Caucus and Center on Black
Aging (NCCBA) at its website, here: