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Elevate Eldercare

Sep 27, 2023

Faced with the workforce issues plaguing the entire eldercare sector, Goodwin Living in Northern Virginia developed a citizenship assistance program for its immigrant employees – simultaneously boosting recruitment and retention while also providing a new social outlet for residents, who help their caregivers prepare for the citizenship exam.

Looking for a way to help his mother respond to a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, Goodwin Living CEO Rob Liebreich worked to develop the non-profit’s StrongerMemory program, which supports people in retaining and improving cognitive skills through simple reading, writing, and mathematics exercises.

This week, Liebreich joins Susan Ryan for a discussion of these unique programs, which combine practical solutions with community-building activities that benefit everyone involved.

Learn more about StrongerMemory and download the resources for free:
Explore Goodwin Living’s Citizenship Program, including its free Citizenship Playbook:
Join us in Detroit October 3-4 for a workshop on building innovative new care communities: