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Elevate Eldercare

Jun 21, 2023

Under Jeannee Parker Martin’s leadership, LeadingAge California has achieved some remarkable workforce development numbers, graduating more than 1,000 students from a CNA and home health aide training program – funded by a generous $25 million state grant – in its first year alone.

While not every state has California’s budget surplus, dollars are only part of the equation. The California example provides a blueprint for how other states can use a combination of incentives, creative outreach to underrepresented communities, and technology to build up a long-struggling eldercare workforce.

Join Martin for a conversation on the connections between workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, and how providers and advocates across the country can band together to build the care force that elders deserve.

Register for the CFI conference, bringing together the Green House and Pioneer Network communities in Pittsburgh July 23-26:

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