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Elevate Eldercare

Sep 23, 2020

Susan Ryan sits down with Dr. Jennifer Carson, the director of
the Dementia Engagement, Education and Research Program
at the School of Community Health Sciences at University of
Nevada, Reno, and Dr. Al Power is an internist, geriatrician,
and Schlegel Chair in Aging and Dementia Innovation at the
Schlegel University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging in
Ontario, Canada.

Both Jennifer and Al are highly committed and knowledgeable
advocates for people living in dementia who have worked
together over the years on many projects. In this episode, Al
and Jennifer talk about the power of deep-knowing
relationships and individualized approaches as foundational to
generating quality of life experiences for people living with
dementia, and why consistent, or dedicated, staffing is
paramount to that success.

The conversation also touches on how the pandemic
dramatically revealed how significant relationships really were
in addressing the profound challenges of loneliness and social
isolation among elders who have dementia.

Jennifer and Al also talk about ageism and ableism, and how
the crisis has exposed these stereotypes even more perilously.

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