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Elevate Eldercare

Apr 28, 2021

Susan Ryan sits down with Steve Nash, president and CEO of the Stoddard Baptist Home, which has a legacy of caring for elders in the Washington, D.C., metro area since 1902.

Nash has held leadership roles in a number of long-term care organizations, including as president of the District of Columbia Health Care Association, chair of D.C.’s Board of Long-Term Care Administration, a member of the LeadingAge National Finance Committee, and chair of LeadingAge D.C. In addition, he was a recipient of a national grant for training nursing home administrators by the National Caucus on Black Aging.

Nash begins the conversation by sharing his unique call to the profession and ultimately to Stoddard Baptist. His leadership skills were on full display as he led his team through the COVID crisis praised them for their tenacity and courage in spite of immense challenges.

Nash examines the barriers to innovation and what he’s doing to push through the obstacles to catalyze reform that offers quality of life experiences for all people.


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